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Sports, Entertainment, and Leisure Magazines

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Sports, Entertainment, and Leisure Magazines


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    " In the age of specialization, magazine executives have developed multiple magazines for fans of soap operas, running, tennis, golf, hunting, quilting, surfing, and video games only to name a few.The most popular sports and leisure magazine is Sports Illustrated, which took its name from a failed 1935 publication." [11]


     Launched in 1954 by Henry Luce's Time INC., Sports Illustrated was initially aimed at well-educated, middle class men. It has become the most successful general sports magazine in history, covering everything from major league sports and mountain climbing to fox hunting and snorkeling. Although it was frequently criticized for its immensely profitable but highly exploitative yearly swimsuit edition.[11]


     "Another popular magazine type that loosely fits in to the leisure category includes magazines devoted to music- everything from hip-hop's The Source to country's Country Weekly. The all time circulation champ in this category is Rolling Stone, started in 1967 as an irreverent, left wing political and cultural magazine by twenty-one-year -old Jan Wenner. By 1982 the Rolling Stone had paddled into the mainstream with a circulation approaching 800,000." [11]



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