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Supermarket Tabloids

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Supermarket Tabloids

     "Supermarket Tabloids push the limits of both decency and credibility in the magazine industry. Even though they are published on newsprint, the Audit Bureau of circulations, which checks newspaper and magazine circulation figures to determine advertising rates, counts weekly tabloids as magazines. Tabloid history can be traced to any newspapers' use of graphics and pictorial layout."[11]

    " The National Enquirer was created by William Randolph Hearst in 1926 and struggled so much that it was purchased in 1952 by Generoso Pope, who originally intended to use it to "fight for the rights of man"and "human decency and dignity. Pope settled on the "Gore formula" stating that "I noticed how auto accidents drew crowds and I decided that if it was blood that interested people, I'd give it to them. By the early 1960s the circulation for The National Enquirer was at 7,000."[11]

    "By the mid 1960's, the National Enquirer's circulation had jumped over one million through the publication of bizarre human-interest stories, gruesome murder tales, violent accident accounts, unexplained phenomena stories, and malicious celebrity gossip. By 1974, the magazine's weekly circulation had topped 4 million." 







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