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Minority Targeted Magazines

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Minority-Targeted Magazines


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Negro Digest  The Advocate  ESPN Desportes 


     "Minority-targeted-magazines, like newspapers have existed since before the civil war, including the African American antislavery magazines Emancipator, Liberator, and Reformer. The major magazine publisher for African Americans has been John H. Johnson, a former Chicago insurance salesman, who started Negro Digest in 1942 on $500 borrowed against his mother's furniture. By 1945, the magazine received success with a circulation of more than 100,00."[11]

     "Negro Digest's profits enabled Johnson and a small group of editors to publish Ebony, a picture-text modeled on Life but serving black readers. The Johnson publishing Company also successfully introduced Jet, a pocket-size supermarket magazine in 1951. Essence, the first major magazine geared toward African American women, debuted in 1969.
The Advocate, founded in 1967 started out as a twelve page newsletter and was the first major magazine to address issues of interest to gay men and lesbians, and it has in ensuing years published some of the best journalism about antigay violence, policy issues affecting the LGBT community, and AIDS - topics often not well covered by the mainstream press. Out is the top gay style magazine. Both are owned by Here Media, which also owns Here Networks and several LGBT web sites."[11]

     "Along with the increase in hispanic populations and immigration magazines appealing to Spanish-speaking readers have developed rapidly since the 1980s. The bilingual Latina magazine was started with the help of Essence Communications in 1996, while recent magazine launches including ESPN deportes and Sports Illustrated in Spanish."[11]
     Although national magazines aimed at other minority groups were slow to arrive, there are magazines now that target virtually every race, culture, and ethnicity.[11]


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