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DK Study

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Research Question: Do Century College students find that their Donkey Kong game play has decreased over time. 


Hypothesis: Yes, we do believe it has decreased.


1)How old are you?


A)16 or younger





F)30 or older


2)What is your Gender?





3) Do you currently have a significant other(boyfriend, girlfriend,spouse)?




4)Do you have a job? 


B)I work part-time (less then 35 hours a week)

C) I work full-time (more then 35 hours a week)


5)On average, How many hours a week do you play video games?


A)I don't Play Video games

B)1-2 hours

C)2-4 hours

D)5+ hours


6)Have you ever played Donkey Kong?





7)Which of the following gaming systems do you play the most?


A)Xbox 360/ Xbox one

B)PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4

C)Wii/Wii U

D)Nintendo DS/SP


F) PS Vita

G) Other

H)I don't play video games


8)Have you played Donkey Kong on any of the game systems listed above?





9)Do you think Donkey Kong is just as popular as Mario?(Circle one)


strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 strongly agree 


10)Have you seen any Donkey Kong advertisements or merchandise in the last year?








We Surveyed 143 Century College Students 





We ended up surveying 72 females and 71 males





Ages Ranges of the people surveyed



Relationship status of the people surveyed




If they have a job and if so, is it Part-time(under 35 hours) or Full-time(over 35 hours).




Amount of time each week spent playing video Games




If they Have ever Played Donkey Kong




Most proffered game system




If they have played Donkey Kong on newer consoles



If they have seen advertisements



Rating popularity of Donkey Kong compared to Mario on a 1-5 scale






In this correlation I tried to see if there was a bias from either guys or girls towards Donkey Kong. Since Donkey Kong is seen as a more masculine character I thought that girls might not favor him as much. But when i compared the ratings of Donkey Kong from Girls to the ratings of guys I found that they are very similar.





In this correlation I compared the percentage of people who played and didn't play Donkey Kong with the amount of time they currently spend each week playing video games. In our data, we found that among the people that had never played Donkey Kong, 65% of them don't play video games. We also found that among the people who had played Donkey Kong previously, 33% of them don't currently play video games.






For this correlation, we where trying to determine wether the amount of time someone works impacts the amount of time they play video games. As you can tell, those who d not have jobs are less likely to not play video games and they are more likely to play video games for longer periods of time.


Also in this correlation we found that only 10% of the fulltime workers played 5 or more hours a week of video games. And for part time workers, only 11% of them played more than 5 hours a week. But for non workers, 26% played 5 or more.


We also found that there where 3 people who don't have a job, aren't in a relationship, and don't play video games.







We tried to figure out wether or not having a significant other impacts the amount of times playing video games 

We split the people up in catagories based on which game system they prefered. Than we compared there responses to the question of wether or not they have played Donkey Kong on any of the new generation consoles. The purpose was to try to determine if the popularity of donkey kong has dropped simply because people do not have nintendo game systems. As you can see in the graph, there are a lot more xbox users than wii, wii u, DS, and SP players combined.


For all of those that said they had not played Donkey Kong on a new Generation console, I divided those respondents up by age



Among The people who said that they had played Donkey kong on a new generation system, 31.15% of them answered earlier that they do not play video games. While they could have played it on a special occasion, it still could have impacted the data because they might not have any idea what system they played on. They might have just remembered playing it.






  • What we can conclude based on our data is that as life situations like being in a relationship or having a job impacts the amount of time you spend playing video games.
  • Based on our data you can conclude that the number of people who have played donkey kong previously goes down based on the data that there overall game play(any video game) goes down over time.
  • We can also make a strong arguement based on our data that the difference of opinions of donkey kong from males to females is very little, if any.
  • Based on our data, we can also so that if you played donkey kong at any point, you are more likely to still be playing video games now
  • We can't conclude that Donkey Kong game play its self decreases over time, but we can conclude based on our data that game play does go down over time.
  • We can however argue that Nintendo is not pushing Donkey Kong as much based on the results that very few people have seen advertisements lately. Which could be a reason why donkey kong game play COULD be down.




  • I think we could have improved in the overall structure on some of the questions and gained better results. The results that we got where not at all surprising, but the results could have been much more convincing had we worded a few of them in a better way that wasn't as much up to interpretation.  


  • We also should have put a little more space between the numbers on question 9. There where a few occasions where the person being surveyed made to big of a circle to definitively tell which one they chose. 


  • On questions 7 and 8, it was a little to broad. The instructions said to choose the system that you used most, but some circled everyone they owned, so we couldn't use it for the results. On question 8, I feel like many people may have included Nintendo 64 and game cube when they where making there responses. It was intentional to leave them out, maybe I could have added something to remind not to include those. I feel like it probably would have been a question with a more definitive result ultimately if the question would have been worded a little differently.


  • There where also 5 surveys where they did not fill out the back of the survey. If we where to do it again we could make it even more clear that there is a back to the survey on the actual page. We could also remind people as they are filling them out that there is a backside. 




















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Guyo Kotile said

at 7:46 pm on Apr 22, 2014

I don't like question 2, its incorrect.

Guyo Kotile said

at 8:59 pm on Apr 22, 2014

I corrected it.

allyxiong said

at 11:29 am on Apr 23, 2014

You need to put the research question and hypothesis down

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